Help and advice for start-ups and SMEs
When your small business is starting or growing, sometimes you just need some good, solid advice.
No gimmicks, no buzzwords - we can provide help and guidance just when you need it the most.
How we work

Seeing |Thinking | Doing

When you're starting or running a small business, sometimes it's difficult to see the wood from the trees. There are so many different issues and potential problems that actually driving the business forward can sometimes take a back seat.

We can really help by taking a strategic look at all aspects of your business, from its operations and sales to its personnel and marketing - with the sole aim of helping you achieve your objectives. 
Once we have learnt about your business and what you want to achieve, then we can sit down together to work out whether or not your existing infrastructure and operations are the best they can be and what the optimum strategy is for moving forward:

- Is your product or service perfectly suited for the target market?
- Is your pricing and delivery correct?
- Is your marketing efficient AND cost-effective?
- Do you have the right resources going forward?
It's all very well completing a great business plan - but executing it can be another matter!

We've managed and run many different businesses over the last forty years, so we know the pitfalls and hurdles waiting out there for the over-worked small business owner and entrepreneur.

We'll help you drive your business forward and be there for you when things don't always go to plan.
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  • Initial analysis: We'll learn a bit more about your business, either on or off site - it's up to you.
  • ​Help and advice: Based on what we learn, we'll offer some top line suggestions and comments*.
  • ​Your decision: Do you think we can offer added value? Could you work with us?
*Absolutely no obligation and no charge to you.

What we're good at

Business Planning
Forecasts, strategy, financing and operations.
Packaging, PR, social media advertising, video production and sales.
Advice, support and encouragement.
William Campbell has 35 years of experience running small and medium sized companies, including a division of Virgin. 
He's an experienced business planner, troubleshooter, marketeer and mentor - with a new found expertise in all things Facebook.
See what we can do for your business. Try our FREE consultation and make up your own mind.

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